On September 16, 2021, Armenia filed an Application with the International Court of Justice (“ICJ”), the principal judicial organ of the United Nations, instituting proceedings against Azerbaijan, alleging violations of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (“ICERD”). As cases before the ICJ can take years to adjudicate, Armenia requested...
In a letter dated March 26, 2022, the Center for Truth and Justice (“CFTJ”) and Global Arm detailed the most recent military offensive by Azerbaijan, resulting in forcibly displaced civilians and killed servicemen. Azerbaijan further sabotaged the gas supply to Artsakh, leaving the entire region without heating in freezing temperatures since March 8. Over 100,000 people have...
Meet the Center’s Warrior of the Month – Maria Gevorgyan. Maria is a student at Russian-Armenian University and joined the Center in September 2021 as a student investigator during CFTJ’s 2021 – 2022 Law Clinic Program.
  Learn how Azeris are trying to utilize third-party private corporations in an attempt to commit digital cleansing. Don’t forget to sign the petition.
On December 23, 2021, Azerbaijan sent a request to Google to commit digital cultural cleansing by altering the indigenous culture and history of Nagorno-Karabakh from Google Maps. They are trying to Azerbaijanify or Albanize the region.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the CFTJ Nagorno-Karabakh team!
  Meet the Center’s Warrior of the Month – Lilit Harutyunyan. Lilit joined the Center in February 2021, as a student investigator, while studying at the American University of Armenia. Since September, Lilit makes a part of the Center’s student staff team in Armenia, that works closely with the new students enrolled in the Center’s...
CFTJ’s Milena Mailyan discussing ICJ’s ruling in regards to provisional measures in the case of Armenia vs. Azerbaijan.
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